Saturday, June 21, 2014

A boat lost the motor power off-shore of the Kommetjie

Mluleki Mrwebi
21 June 2014

The National Sea Rescue Institute and Kommetjie volunteer sea rescue duty crew were activated following reports of a 5 meter ski-boat without motor power off-shore of the Kommetjie slip way with one person onboard.

NSRI Spokesperson Craig Lambinon said the NSRI Kommetjie volunteer sea rescue duty crew responded to the Kommetjie slip way where just off-shore, in the boat channel, we found local Kommetjie resident Bruce Brink safe on his boat but with one of the boat motors inside the boat.

Lambinon further said he was able to recover one motor himself by pulling the motor up by its cables which were still attached to the boat but the second motor was lost under water.Left with no power on his boat a local fishing boat had come to Mr. Brinks aid and had towed him about 25 meters into the safety of the Kommetjie channel where we waded in and pulled the boat safely to shore.

“We launched our sea rescue craft SPIRIT OF WINELANDS and NSRI rescue swimmer Rob Caine was deployed into the water to try to find the missing boat motor but under water visibility was poor and the boat motor has not been able to be located” added Lambinon.



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