Monday, June 30, 2014

DA calls on investigation of Ramatlodhodi’s mining interests

Oscar Thomas
30 June 2014

The DA will request that Parliament’s Ethics and Members Interest Committee be urgently constituted so that it can launch an investigation onto claims relating to the Minister of Mineral Resources,Ngoako Ramathlodi’s alleged R20 million conflict interest in the mining sector.

This Follows concerning reports of Minister Ramatlhodi’s financial stake in Atlatsa Resources.

DA Minister of Mineral resources James Lorimer said i appreciate that the Minister is now saying that he is divesting himself from mining issues but his spokesperson said it had already been done when it hasn’t and why did the minister not do this earlier.

“This speaks of a very lacks attitude to ethics which the minister cant afford the impression created when his in the frontline portfolio when it comes to reassuring investors Lorimer added.



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