Saturday, June 28, 2014

NUMSA embark on nationwide strike

Oscar Thomas
28 June 2014

The National Employer’s Association of South Africa said the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa clearly does not understand that a strike will not only lead to the loss of production and the income of workers, but will also affect the country’s image as an investment destination. 

This as Numsa will be embarking on a nationwide strike on the 1st of July demanding a 12 percent wage increase. 

Neasa Spokesperson Sya van der Walt-Potgieter said we feel that NUMSA walk out of negotiations without giving much attention to the serious issues that Neasa have put on the table.

Sya van der Walt-Potgieter said this clearly shows that their not serious about growing the economy,job creation and creating an environment that could accommodate millions of people who are unemployed to save South Africa’s international image as a reliable hub for investors.

"We really hope that we can be able to sort this out and hopefully the strike doesn’t last too long van der Walt-Potgieter added. 



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