Tuesday, December 08, 2015

People who suffer from depression seek medical help

Simamkele Vakaza
07 December 2015

ER24 is urging people who suffer from depression to seek medical help and not to keep feelings bottled up.

The emergency service’s Chitra Bodasing says while many women are more open about their feelings and problems, majority of men who do not open up, or speak up, tend to become more aggressive and might lose everything they hold dear.

“Well some of us are counting down the days to the festive season”, says Chitra Bodasing.
 “Others are experiencing feelings of sadness and loneliness or it is a very stressful time for them” she explained.

 “Some people result to suicide while others become so frustrated and angry during this time that relationships end to divorce and separation”, explained Chitra Bodasing

She added “People are urged to offer support and be more understanding towards those who are depressed or stressed”.



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