A shocking robbery for joggers in Table Mountain


A very shocking morning for two joggers who were attacked while on their usual morning jog by assailant wielding knives and metal bar.

35-year-old Eddie Moyo and his friend Clive where running along Tafelberg Road near the lower cable station at 5:30 on a Saturday morning as part of their usual routine when the attack happened.  According to Moyo he believes the three assailants were hiding in the grass before they suddenly appeared on their sides making demands. He further stated that the robbers looked to be in their early twenties, thus tried to reason with them.

The men showed aggressive behavior and assaulted Moyo with a metal bar on his right eye and mouth-(his two front teeth fell out), shocked he ran down towards Deer park where he was aided by a passer-by in a car after falling on his knees and leg.

His friend was seriously injured with deep stab wounds in his upper body fortunately he was assisted to the Somerset hospital by passing hikers. Moyo said he will be lodging a complaint at the Cape Town police station today.

His employer, Justin Hodge at Fluffi and Friends, said he was trying to get help for Moyo and the support has been overwhelming. Hodge said he has applied to BackaBuddy to get financial assistance for Clive.

The incident came just a week after a man was also mugged at Signal Hill.

By Everngelista Muza


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