Two more victims retrieved at the notorious lookout point near Herolds Bay.


 A search-and-rescue operation was launched on Saturday at 6pm to recover the bodies of two women, both aged 75. They were found at about yesterday morning at 3.50am. Bringing up the number of victims to have plunged down the site since 2016, the number has risen to 8 with the site being called the “Clift of death”.

Last month a 34-year-old mother and her two-year-old daughter were also killed when their car went over the cliff. The toddler's body was found at sea two weeks after the incident. An eight-year-old survived after escaping the car before it crashed.

George residents, who have been calling for local government to engage with the owner of the land where the cliff is situated, have now started a Facebook page to bring attention to all the tragic deaths at the site.

Executive mayor Leon van Wyk said the municipality continued to facilitate discussion with the relevant stakeholders within the limits of its municipal mandate.’ The land in question is privately owned with jurisdiction for the gravel road falling under provincial administration, and on that basis no council item has served with regard to the closure of the road or barricading it via gate, fencing and/or barriers, as municipal funds cannot be spent on land that it does not own or have jurisdiction.

By Everngelista Muza


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