Friday, May 08, 2015

ANC in the WC calling for a full audit into Manenberg flats project

Lusanda Bill
08 May 2015

The African National Congress in the Western Cape is calling for a full audit into the upgrading of council flats in Manenberg.

ANC’s Pat Lekker said the project is filled with allegations of extortion, fraudulent claims, using unregistered security and illegal dealings with contractors. It is alleged that contracted construction companies have paid gangsters for security service, however the city has denied these allegations.

Lekker said the role of implementing contractors’ needs to be scrutinised in that the contractors that is in Manenberg currently has not acted in god faith. They have had gangsters who are operating as security guards and they have been paid. We are of the view that those people on sight are unregistered and they should not be rendering a security service if they are not registered.

“The fact that gangs are hired for protection is immoral and the contractors and the City of Cape Town have colluded in money laundering” Lekker added.   



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