Monday, June 24, 2019



Homelessness is one of the many issues South Africa is faced with. On every corner in our streets in capital cities there is numerous homeless people, which led by lack of affordable housing, unemployment, poverty low wages and further circumstances. While we and the rest of the world still grapple with addressing the issue of homelessness through further dehumanising homeless people, they believe that they are worth being treated like every other human being. Bush radio team had the opportunity to speak to a number of people in one of Cape Town places, trying to get relevant solutions. People have marked that those leave on streets, have been living on the streets for different reasons, they also require government to take responsibility. Some explained why they didn't vote on 8 May in the general elections, EWN reported that they believed that opportunities for them were there, but that there are some things that stop them from exploiting them.
What does it take for you to decide to leave home and live on the street? Some of the people we've spoken to say it's not as simple as earning an "easy living" begging from others. They explained some of the difficult and unlivable circumstances they've had to deal with, that eventually resulted in homelessness being the best solution.

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