Cape town rainfall warning


Cape town is expecting rain over the next 48 hours or so – the rainfall is expected come down hard on Wednesday, and several weather warnings have been issued. Potential floods and severe winds have also been identified, with some disruption expected in the main docks and ports of the Mother City.

The wet weather warning should prompt people to check that they are covered for possible water damage.

The City of Cape Town has issued an alert in its emergency channels, predicting that gusts will surpass 60km/h in some regions. They confirmed that all relevant teams are on standby ‘to deal with the impact of this cold front’.

Flooding of roads and settlements in both formal and informal settlements are possible. The disruption of traffic flow is likely, along with increased motor vehicle accidents, especially in peak hour traffic on Wednesday. Essential services such as water and electricity may be affected. 

Picture: Unplush

By Everngelista Muza


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