WCED extends deadline for 2022 school admission

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has extended the application for the 2022 school year until midnight of 1 April 2021.

The initial deadline was on Friday, 26 March, but the WCED said that it has noticed an upsurge in website activity on the online application system. Parents have also pleaded with the department to extend the date, ‘’to allow parents to complete the last few applications.’’

The WCED warned that there no further extensions will be granted beyond this date.

‘’Parents will then have had 35 days to apply. We believe that come 1 April, parents have been given ample time to get the necessary documents together and to complete their applications.’’ It said in a statement.

‘’However, the activity on the website over the past few days has indicated that some parents have left this process to the last minute with 16 000 applications being submitted on Tuesday this week, 19 000 on Wednesday and 22 000 yesterday. The site has also had increased activity this morning.‘’ it added.

The department recorded 344 305 applications by 104 038 registered users.

‘’We would like to thank the parents who have applied timeously, and appeal to those that are still to apply, to do so immediately. It is recommended that they do not leave it until the last minute.’’ Said Bronagh Hammond, WCED Director for Communication.


Applications can be made either online or through a paper-based application process should a parent not have access to technology. They must please ask the relevant school for the application form.

The link to the WCED admissions website is: https://admissions.westerncape.gov.za/admissions/login


Parents must apply to at least 3 schools, including the ones closest to your home, and order their preference on the system.


Parents will be asked to submit the following supporting documents:

·        The last official school Report Card

·        ID, Birth certificate, passport of the learner; or

·        A study permit (foreign learners); or

·        Proof of application (study permit) or a police affidavit

·        Immunisation card (Road to Health Chart) [Primary Schools Only]

·        Proof of Residence (Rates account, Lease agreement, an affidavit confirming residence).



Done By: Mitchum George


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