DA leader to conduct oversight visit to Stellenbosch University following some students ’being denied right to communicate in Afrikaans’

Democratic Alliance leader, John Steenhuisen, will do an oversight and fact-finding visit at the University of Stellenbosch on Wednesday, following allegations that some of the students were allegedly denied the right to communicate with each other in Afrikaans even in some hostels and even on park benches on the campus.

Steenhuisen will be accompanied by the DA’s Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Chantel King MP, as well as by the DA Constituency Head and SU alumnus, Dr Leon Schreiber.

According to Schreiber, students who had complained said the alleged ban only applies to Afrikaans and not to other indigenous languages. He says Afrikaans students are therefore forced to speak only English with their fellow students or visitors, even in situations where everyone is Afrikaans-speaking.

Schreiber added that, according to one student, some residences even refuse to show videos in which people speak Afrikaans.

Stellenbosch University spokesperson Martin Viljoen denied these allegations, but has encouraged students to follow the official complaints procedure.


Done By: Mitchum George


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