DA Chief Whip, Natasha Mazzone, receives the 'Italian Order of the Star'.

The Democratic Alliance’s Chief Whip in Parliament, Natasha Mazzone MP, received the Italian Order of the Star, an equivalent of a knighthood in Italy, for her outstanding leadership in Parliament and fighting for a just society in South Africa.

The award recognises the preservation and promotion of national prestige, promoting friendly relations and co-operation with countries and ties with Italy and is awarded to Italian expatriates and foreign nationals.

‘’Natasha was one of the most prominent Parliamentary figures to fight the State Capture scourge within the State machinery. She has fought tooth and nail to uncover evidence, which she later testified on before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.’’ The DA said in a statement.

‘’It was her relentless effort to fight the state capture and hold Parliament accountable during the dark phase of our democracy that is now in the public discourse. Her efforts are now internationally recognized and we will continue to fight for all South Africans as they deserve a better government in South Africa.’’ It added.


Pictured: Natasha Mazzone (Courtesy: Parliament)

Done By: Mitchum George