The Taxi Industry opposes negative effects of the Fuel Price Hike

The Cape Town Minibus Industry is in a crisis following the recent fuel price increase which adds pressure on taxi drivers to make more money in order to survive.

Taxi associations said fare increases were unlikely but the fuel price hikes have put them in a difficult position as Drivers will earn less, as more money will now be spent on fuel.

The petrol price increased by 75 cents a litre while diesel went up by 72.5c a litre. At the start of November, the petrol price increased by R1.21 and diesel by R1.48.

Cata's Mandla Hermanus said that fare hikes were not usually based on fluctuations in fuel prices and that the industry was being hit not just by fuel price hikes but also COVID-19 regulations.

Done by Lizeka Tsotetsi


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