'Lucky escape' for beachgoer as City officers confiscates tens of beer cans at Clifton Beach

The City of Cape Town has reminded Capetonians and visitors that alcohol is prohibited at the municipality’s recreational facilities

According to the City, since the beginning of the festive season, law enforcement officers confiscated 1 256 bottles of alcohol, specifically at beaches.

The latest confiscation was on Friday, when officers found 53 cans of beer at Clifton Beach, craftily hidden in a hole dug in the Beach sand and the internal plastic container of a public refuse bin inserted into the hole to contain the cans.


‘’The owner of the liquor was nowhere to be found. People will go to great lengths to secretly consume their alcohol on the beach but the officers know most of the tricks,’’ said Wayne Dyason, City of Cape Town Law Enforcement Principle Inspector.


He warned that anyone caught flouting the rules will be fined and their alcohol will be confiscated.

‘’The City's Law Enforcement officers deployed to the beaches continue to fine and confiscate the alcohol of beachgoers who despite many messages from the City about the dangers and illegality of alcohol consumption on the City's beaches persist in drinking on the beach or in some cases selling it on the beach,’’ said Dyason.


Done By: Mitchum George


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