More than 1 500 learners in the Western Cape, who applied for Grade 1 or 8, still needs to be placed for the 2024 school year

More than 1 500 learners in the Western Cape, who applied for Grade 1 or 8, still needs to be placed for the 2024 school year.

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This was revealed by the Western Cape Education Department (WCED). In a statement, the department said as of 22 November 2023, 119 110 or 98.7%, of the learners, has been placed.

‘’Placement is in progress for 1 568, or 1.3%, Grade 1 and 8 learners. Of these, 636 are learners for whom late applications were received after the admissions window closed, with some arriving as late as this past week,’’ said David Maynier, Education MEC.

Maynier urged parents to be patient as they await answers from schools on whether there are places available for learners.

‘’We understand that this is a stressful and anxious period for these parents. As a department, we are asking parents to work with us as we try to accommodate their children as soon as possible. We are exploring all available options to find a place for these learners for the start of the school year.’’

‘’Importantly, we are waiting for final progression and promotion data from schools, so that we can finalise their admission lists and place learners in classes with additional space. Schools historically hold onto some spaces to plan for the possibility of learners repeating the grade, thus still requiring a seat in that class. If the number of learners repeating the grade is lower than planned, this will free up additional spaces,’’ said David MAynier, Education MEC.

On extremely late applications, and Maynier said there is no guarantee that these learners will be placed in the new year.

‘’… we know that many thousands of learners will arrive in the first term next year needing placement. We do not know where they will seek placement, or what their grades, languages, ages or subject choices will be. So planning our resource allocation for these extremely late applicants in advance is very difficult, and their parents will have to wait some time before their child is placed.’’

''We will work to place every learner for whom an application is received going forward, but we want to be clear that Western Cape schools are full, and thus we appeal for patience from parents submitting new applications as they may not be placed before the end of the first term,’’ he added.


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