Saturday, May 16, 2015

HETN supports the right of the state to defend the borders of the Republic to stand against lawlessness and undocumented migrants

Jaimie-faith Poonah16 May 2015

The Higher Education Transformation Network notes the recent court judgement by Lawyers for Human Rights halting the deportation of 200 undocumented non-South African migrants as part of the Department of Home Affairs, Operation Fiela, involving the South African Police Services and the SA Army, which resulted in the arrest and deportation of more than 800 undocumented migrants.

Executive Director Reginald Lekgwabe said we fully support the right of the state to defend the borders of the Republic to stand against  lawlessness and undocumented migrants who did not enter the country legally.

Lekgwabe said we also stated in the National Development Plan we are saying that the SA government must continue to put the interest of poor South African communities above all confederation.
"It is also true that the boarders of South Africa are long and porous and currently poorly defended by the state." Lekgwabe added.



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