Monday, September 07, 2015

COPE criticizes millions spent on lifestyles of ministers

Rentse Khiba
07 September 2015

Congress of the People has criticised the blow of R15 million on renovations for the fancy lifestyle of ministers.

This comes after Corrpution Watch noted that the Department of Public Works had confimed spending R65 millions of its annual budget on upgrading 27 ministerila homes in Cape Town and Pretoria in the 2011/12 financial years.

Cope Spokesperson Dennis Bloem said the national debt stands at R1,786 trillion.

Bloem appealed the people of South Africa to rise up and voice their dissatisfaction because of the tax payer’s money that the ministers and the governments were wasting

“It is not right when poor people go to bed on a hungry stomach every night and here are ministers wasting tax payers money” Bloem added

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