Wednesday, September 09, 2015

SAMWU congratulates SALGA and Eskom on agreement

Rentse Khiba
09 September 2015

The South African Municipal Workers Union has congratulated the South African local government association and Eskom for having reached an agreement on electricity supply to Municipalities in a statement.

When Eskom announced a few months ago that it would not be supplying electricity to municipalities which are in arrears with payment, SAMWU objected to this noting that the worst affected would be the poor.

SAMWU Spokesperson Papikie Mohale expressed that they trust that this agreement would ensure with uninterrupted electricity supply to all municipalities so not to impede on local economies’ growth and most importantly ordinary South Africans, In particular the poor.

“We further trust that Eskom will not once again threaten the country with blackouts as a result of a municipality’s failure to pay money owed to it.” Mohale added

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