A frenzy for cigarettes


With the possibility of stricter regulations, smokers have been on a frenzy to stock up their favourite fix. Rumours of president Cyril Ramaphosa addressing the nation any day has the minority sweating of what the president may ban again, some do not wish to be caught off guard again and have decided to stock up.

According to IOL, Manager at Wapadrand Spar, in Pretoria East, DeVilliers Avelingsales said sales at his Spar went up 560% this week, compared to normal sales. He is one of the few spar shops still open with the majority closed due to the alcohol ban. He said customers buy in bulk all starting with their favourite brands however they are less choosy when they have run out of those.

Aveling said every time there was talk that the president was going to address the nation, cigarette sales went up, but this time it was worse than usual.

People in the tobacco business are against the governments appeal to  ban tabacco, arguing that there has been a loss in tax revenue and an increase in illegal illicit trade. The state argues that tobacco compromises with the health system especially if one catches the virus (covid 19).


By Everngelista Muza