Investigation on metro police officers caught on video firing at defiant driver

 An ongoing investigation has been opened after a video went viral of the metro police shooting at a defiant driver. The Independent Police Investigation Directorate are looking into the viral video that took place Monday near Milnerton.

The footage shows metro police shooting flat the car tyres of a male driver in a silver Audi A4 car alongside the R27.

The man had allegedly skipped a red light in full view of the officers and rammed into their car as they attempted to stop him. When they caught up to him again he, once again, refused to heed the officers' instructions and instead tried to drive away. Various videos taken by bystanders then show the officers firing their handguns at the car's tyres in an attempt to immobilize him.

The chase continued and the driver in an attempt to lose his pursuers, smashed through a rolled-down security entry barrier at an underground parking lot.

City Safety and Security executive director Richard Bosman said the suspect refused to obey a lawful instruction to stop and exit the vehicle, and continued in his attempts to resist arrest and evade the officers, who were forced to take immediate action in an attempt to immobilise his vehicle.

With an alarming level of violence being displayed against officers and levels of increased lawlessness on roads, officers are often forced to take difficult decisions in the course of their duties.


By Everngelista Muza.


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