Law enforcement officers stoned by community members in Khayelitsha

The City of Cape Town’s Law Enforcement officers were stoned by community members in Khayelitsha, while trying to effect a drug-related arrest.

While on a stop-and-search patrol in SST Section, Khayelitsha, two Metro Police officers apprehended a suspect for the possession of Tik, on Sunday.

The suspect resisted arrest and called on community members for help. Some bystanders started pelting the officers with stones, with both sustaining minor injuries. The patrol vehicle was also damaged.

‘’The officers eventually arrested the suspect and managed to get him to the Harare police station, where he was charged with possession of drugs and a dangerous weapon, riotous behaviour, malicious damage to property and disobeying a lawful instruction.’’ said Mayco member for Safety and Security, JP Smith.

‘’The increased hostility and violence directed at enforcement and rescue service staff is a grave concern to the City. The very people involved in this latest attack, some of whom filmed the altercation and threatened to post it to social media, are the very people who will need assistance tomorrow or next week, and also the very same people who complain about crime. Yet they see no problem with attacking and alienating the very people who risk their lives daily to create a safer environment for our communities,’’ Smith added.



Done By: Mitchum George


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