Monday, August 30, 2021

A Sign of Relief as the Law Enforcement Returns Items to the Homeless


The city’s law enforcement has been ordered to return items they had took from homeless people in Green Point on the 27 of August. This was in an agreement made by the Legal Counsel for the homeless people and the city’s municipality.

The city’s law enforcement had operated an illegal search where about twenty-one people were demolished and seized off their belongs. On Friday, a heavy law enforcement presence and a private security planned response vehicle kept watch over the group of homeless people at the Green Point Tennis Club which they had instructed them not to put up the returned tents.

Thanks to the Western Cape High Court that has agreed to the law enforcements return items to the homeless. The case is still ongoing and will be argued in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday, the 31 August 2021.

Done by Lucille Dyosi


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