Another Cold Front Set to Hit Cape Town

 The city, in the past two weeks, has been experiencing extremely heavy rains and cold weather with some areas affected by flooding. The weather man has asked Cape Townians to not put their jackets away as of yet because there is another cold front set to hit the mother city soon.

This is due to high volumes of disruptive snowfall of 5cm to 10 cm over the high- lying areas in the Western Cape. Statement from the Weather South Africa (WSA), that Cape Townians can expect a clear gradual clearing in weather conditions, combined with a consistent recovery in daily daytime temperatures soon. Given that overnight minimum temperatures may take several days to recover in the wake of this cold spell, there is a distinct possibility of overnight frost occurring over parts of the interior as of early September.

Meanwhile, the City of Cape Town stated residents must always ensure safety and to stay away from anything that can incite fire. The city is on standby to deal with any incidents related to the cold front and willing to assist residents.

By Lucille Dyosi