Over 400 gender based violent cases reported in Western Cape

Western Cape has seen over 401 Total number of cases reported to the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre Information System.

According to Social development MEC Sharna Fernandez this high number of cases being referred to the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre (GBVCC) was a serious cause for concern.

As more than half of the total recorded cases were for physical violence. Sixty cases of emotional abuse, 35 cases of verbal abuse or intimidation, 33 cases of child neglect and 21 cases of rape or corrective rape were opened on the Gender-Based Violence Command Centre Information System.

Fernandez said despite the efforts of the Western Cape Government, these crimes have been become rampant. She said that these challenges not only affects the victims but by their families and communities as well.

“While you have to consider your own personal safety, the culture of turning a blind eye to abuse happening in our midst must stop”, said the Western Cape Minister for Social Development, Sharna Fernandez.

“The challenge we face is much bigger than we want to admit, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot address it. If we all unite, we can address the scourge of crime and violence against our women, children and the elderly,” concluded Minister Fernandez.

by Everngelista Muza


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