Action Society aims to achieve more successful court outcomes in future

Action Society provided insight into its Gender-Based Violence case-oversight model in Mitchell’s plain on Thursday. The organisation support victims of GBV by overseeing and monitoring the investigation process as well as educating the involved parties.

Action Society held its six-monthly feedback session with stakeholders at the Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Abuse in Beacon Valley.

The event was attended by Western Cape’s Community Safety and Police Oversight MEC, Reagen Allen, staff of the network and the Lentegeur neighbourhood watch.

Action Society’s Ian Cameron, Director of Community Safety, says it was the first real opportunity to provide feedback to relevant stakeholders.

“This is the way forward in collaborating with community organisations, local and provincial government and SAPS to help victims of GBV to get justice.”

Allen is of the opinion that crime and crime against women is concerning, which highlights the importance of working together to address the scourge of GBV.

“We’ve seen how our women in the Western Cape are working, seen them patrolling.”

Cameron concluded by saying, “It is a great comfort to us when the work we do is appreciated and seen as vital by someone like Mr Allen. We want to once again ensure him and his team of Action Society’s support to address this issue in our communities.”

Action Society aims to achieve more successful court outcomes in future.


Done By: Mitchum George


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