Stellenbosch University student arrested for rape

The Stellenbosch University (SU) says a student has been arrested for allegedly raping another student on campus. The student was arrested on campus on Wednesday morning.

In a statement, the university says the female is being cared for and safe but has not reported the incident to the University's Equality Unit.

‘’The victim is currently cared for and safe. She yesterday [Wednesday] opened a case of rape against the perpetrator with SAPS, who accompanied her to the Stellenbosch Provincial Hospital, where she was examined and also received the necessary medication, care and primary counselling,’’ read the statement.

‘’The victim has not reported the incident to the SU Equality Unit yet, but she had been provided with information on the various ways that an incident can be reported internally. She will be assisted in this regard. The University respects the wishes of the victim and her decisions,’’ it added.

The suspect will be suspended from his residence pending investigations.

This is the second student to be suspended for misconduct this week, following the suspension of Theuns du Toit, who is being investigated by police after he urinated on the study material of another student Babalo Ndwayana.

The university's deputy vice-chancellor Professor Hester Klopper says she is committed to dealing with unfair discrimination and gender-based violence.

“I confirm the University’s strict zero-tolerance approach to gender-based violence, we will continue to work harder toward creating an environment free of gender-based violence that advances equal rights for all."

‘’Human dignity must be and will continue to be a non-negotiable at Stellenbosch University that will be respected, upheld and restored when affected, regardless of the transgression and without fear of or favour to an alleged perpetrator,” added Klopper.

Western Cape police spokesperson FC van Wyk says the suspect is expected to appear in court on Thursday.

"The circumstances surrounding a rape that was reported to police by a female victim are being investigated by the Stellenbosch FCS unit. It is alleged that the incident occurred at around 22:30 on Tuesday at a residence in Victoria Street, Stellenbosch."


Done By: Mitchum George


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