Eskom stage 3 loadshedding to be implemented

 Eskom has briefed the media on the reasoning behind the current state of its power stations as well as the updated loadshedding plans for the week. They have also provided updated on the current system challenges.

Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter said Eskom currently has 2094 megawatts out on planned maintenance, they have full losses of 11 852 megawatts and partial losses is sitting at 4455 megawatts. This brings the total unplanned losses to 16 307 megawatts.

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According to De Ruyter, Eskom has a significant shortfall for evening peak and as a consequence Stage 3 of loadshedding will be implemented on Monday from 5pm until 10pm and the same will apply for Tuesday. For now, City of Cape Town customers will be on Stage 2 from 6pm till 10pm on Monday. Tuesday to be confirmed.

Eskom’s demand pattern has moved to a typical winter pattern, therefore loadshedding is only scheduled during the evening peaks. According to De Ruyter, Eskom’s system is capable of handling the electricity demand during the morning and afternoon.

Fortunately, as a result this puts them in a position where loadshedding has less impact on business life.

The utility's Jan Oberholzer has added that more generation capacity was lost over the past weekend.

"On Saturday, eight of our generators suffered breakdowns - Lethabo 3 and 6, Majuba 1 and 4, Tutuka 4, Camden 1, Hendrina 2 as well as Arnot 1. Of those, only Majuba 1 has returned successfully to the grid," Oberholzer explained.

By Danielle Mentoor


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