Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Premier Zille being blamed for the Elsenberg race conflict

Rentse Khiba
02 September 2015

Congress of South African trade Unions in the Western Cape has blamed Premier Helen Zille for being the mastermind of the Elsenburg racial conflict.

The disruptions started on Monday already when a group who claimed to be EFF members, disrupted classes to voice their objection to the college’s language policy. 

Provincial Secretary Tony Ehreinrach reported that Cosatu have warned the Government of the Western Cape about the dangers of its language policy that excludes black communities from proper education in agriculture

Ehreinrach mentioned that it is clear that the Premier is trying to get the white and colored students to use Afrikaans to get into conflict with the African students, who don’t always understand Afrikaans.

“We want proper solutions to this matter that doesn’t fan racial tensions but gives equality to the needs of the language preferences.”  Ehreinrach added.

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