EMS officials gunpointed and robbed whilst on duty over the weekend

Western Cape Emergency Medical Services (EMS) officials were attacked in Philippi over the weekend. One of the incidents involved EMS officials being gun pointed.

On Friday, two male officials responded to a call close to Philippi Police Station before 8p.m. The EMS’s Deanna Bessick explained that as the officials drove towards the location, individuals tried to flag them down, by which they then advised them that they had to proceed to get to the patient.

‘’The EMS officials were unable to find a patient in the road with the injury that was logged. They then decided to head back to the EMS base. As they continued driving they heard two gunshots, followed by two suspects approaching the vehicle. One of the suspects stood in front of the vehicle with a gun. The driver then managed to quickly drive away from the scene and headed back to the base.’’

Fortunately, there were no injuries and the officials received counselling.

Two male EMS officials were on their way to attend to a patient on Sunday at 07:45 in Browns Farm Philippi East. They were unable to find the location of the patient and the EMS Communications Centre linked them to a conference call with a relative of the patient in order to get detailed directions.

‘’As the officials were waiting on the side of the road the driver’s phone was snatched from his hands and stolen. The suspect ran away with the phone,’’ said Deanna Bessick, Communications Officer at Emergency Medical Services & Forensic Pathology Services.

Bessick urged the public to protect and support EMS officials, as ‘’they go beyond and above the call of duty, by risking their lives daily to save the lives of the people in communities.’’


Done By: Mitchum George


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