Nelson Mandela Bay declared a COVID-19 hotspot

The number of COVID-19 cases in South Africa exceeded the 800 000 mark, after 4 400 people were confirmed to have contracted the virus over the last 24 hours. This brings the total confirmed COVID-19 cases to 800 872.

Meanwhile, 94 more people succumbed to the respiratory disease which pushes the death toll to 21 803. Of these, 42 were reported in the Eastern Cape, 28 in the Western Cape, 11 in Free State, 8 in Gauteng and 5 from KwaZulu-Natal. 

Addressing the nation on Thursday, President Cyril Ramaphosa said there was a rise in new infections and number of people admitted to hospitals.

The total number of hospital admissions have now peaked to over 5 800 nationally and is still increasing.

President Ramaphosa told the nation that three areas account for most of these new infections including Nelson Mandela Bay and the Sarah Baartman District in the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route District in the Western Cape.

Nelson Mandela Bay has since been declared a Coronavirus hotspot and government has hit the metro with a curfew and new alcohol sale restrictions.

– The hours of the curfew will be from 10pm and 4am.

This means that – except for emergencies – no person may be outside their place of residence between those times. This does not apply to essential workers who are permitted to work during those hours.

– The sale of alcohol from retail outlets will only be permitted between 10am and 6pm from Monday to Thursday. Alcohol consumption in public spaces, such as beaches and parks, is strictly forbidden. This is necessary to prevent large social gatherings.

– Gatherings – including religious gatherings – may not be attended by more than 100 people for indoor events and 250 for outdoor events.

At all times, the total number of people in a venue may not exceed more than 50% of the capacity of the venue.

– Finally, all post-funeral gatherings are prohibited.

‘’These additional measures are necessary to contain the resurgence in Nelson Mandela Bay, to prevent outbreaks resulting from social gatherings and to protect the capacity of the healthcare system to provide care to those who need it.’’ Said Ramaphosa.


Done By: Mitchum George


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