Man rescued after falling 40m from Howick Falls viewing platform

A 38-year-old man has been rescued after falling approximately 40 meters from the viewing platform at Howick Falls in KwaZulu-Natal early on Wednesday morning. The man alleged that he was being chased by unknown assailants at 2a.m, when he fell from the platform.

ER24’s Ross Campbell said that paramedics arrived just before 06:30, after being alerted by the South African Police Services who were already on the scene along with another private emergency service.

‘’The viewing platform sits to the side of the falls and the patient could be seen clinging to a branch on a small ledge, 40 meters down the 95-meter cliff face,’’ said Campbell.

‘’Our medic suited up in his harness while SAPS cordoned off the area to the 30 or so bystanders. The SAPS Search & Rescue team then arrived and set up a rope system. As our medic was already suited up, they decided to lower him down to the patient to save time. The patient was assessed and found to have only suffered minor injuries. He was then attached to the medic's harness via a sling and both were lifted back up to the platform just before 8 am,’’ added ER24 spokesperson, Ross Campbell.

The man was transported to Northdale hospital for further care.

The details surrounding this incident are unknown to ER24, but SAPS were on scene for further investigation.


PICTURE: SAPS Search & Rescue

Done By: Mitchum George


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