NSRI appeals to public to be safe this festive season

Saturday is the Day of Goodwill, or as many know it as ‘Boxing Day’. This day is traditionally spent at the beach, and with the festive season overshadowed by a significant COVID-19 resurgence, it remains to be seen what the turnout at beaches and other public spaces will be this weekend.

The National Sea Rescue Institute are appealing to the public to be safe over this coming weekend and in the week leading up to the New Year.

In a statement, it asked bathers to only swim at beaches protected by lifeguards and swim in between the lifeguards safe swimming zone flags posted by the lifeguards on the beach.

‘’Lifeguards regularly move their flags when rip currents form and we are appealing to the public to obey the lifeguards instructions to only swim in between their flags.’’

‘’Families visiting the beach should approach the lifeguards if they are separated from family members or if they need assistance. Boaters, paddlers and sail boarders are urged to wear properly fitting and fastened life-jackets while your craft is underway,’’ it added.

The City of Cape Town’s Safety and Security Directorate will also be on high alert, with increased patrols on the roads and beaches, to guard against alcohol abuse and other anti-social behaviour.

‘’We ask that people who do arrive at the beach early, particularly on Boxing Day, desist from swimming until lifeguards come on duty, for their own safety. Our Recreation and Parks Department notes an increase in persons congregating at other areas along the city’s coastline that are not manned by lifeguards, swimming in unsafe areas and consuming alcohol – most likely to avoid detection,’’ said the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services, Zahid Badroodien.

‘’We are also concerned about anti-social behaviour at some of our swimming pools, stemming from a lack of understanding and cooperation around the limitation on the number of occupants. I appeal to the public to please do their bit and abide by the regulations, which are in place for their own protection,’’ added Badroodien.


Done By: Mitchum George


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