Hearse caught alight in Paarl

A hearse caught alight while transporting a body to a funeral in Paarl on Saturday.

The vehicle was en route to the family of the deceased’s home when the blaze occurred.

The funeral service, Willy’s and Gallico, said the incident occurred early Saturday morning and that their insurance company will probe the matter to uncover what caused the fire.

In a statement, it said: “The incident occurred whilst one of our experienced drivers, Brandon Fortuin, was on his way to drop a body of a deceased at one of our loyal families to pay their final respects.’’

The company indicated that, while the vehicle was totally destroyed, the driver and the body of the deceased were unharmed.

“The family still had the opportunity to fully view the body, in order to prove this.’’

"Willy’s & Gallico Funeral Services would like to convey our deepest sympathy to the family and can ensure (sic) the community that we made immediate alternative arrangements to still ensure the proper burial of the deceased with the necessary, empathy, sympathy and respect as we always do’’ it added.

Willy’s & Gallico Funeral Services said, in order to protect and support the family, they request the public to not spread any further rumours.

Picture: Facebook - SABC News Western Cape

Done By Mitchum George


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