Eskom Rotek Industries sub-contractor employee arrested for soliciting a bribe

Eskom says one of its Rotek Industries (ERI) sub-contractors was arrested last week for bribery at the Camden Power Station in Mpumalanga.

The suspect approached a coal truck driver and alleged that he had off-loaded coal mixed with rocks on September 26.

The suspect entered the truck cab and produced three pieces of rocks, presumably being part of the coal meant for delivery at the power station.

He reportedly informed the driver that rocks were a problem and that he was grounding all the trucks.

According to the Eskom’s spokesperson, Daphne Mokwena, the suspect then attempted to solicit a bribe of six-thousand rand to offload the coal.

Eskom Security acting general manager Botse Sikhwitshi said the arrest of the sub-contractor was an encouraging step in their persistent efforts to fight crime.

“There is compelling evidence against the suspect. We commend the driver and supervisor who refused to pay the bribe and reported the matter to Eskom. It is through such co-operative efforts that the battle against crime and corruption will be won,” said Sikhwitshi.


Done by: Alungile Njemla


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