Woman who allegedly poured boiling water on child, awaits regional court date

The woman who allegedly poured boiling water over a 4-year-old child, has been released on R3 000 bail.

According to reports, the burn victim’s family was never informed of her release in September.

The incident occurred on 24 June 2023, where it is alleged that the 22-year-old woman poured boiling water onto the boy who was reportedly playing near the gate of her house in Settlers, kwaLanga. The boy was left with burns on his face, torso and arms.


Civil organisation, Action Society, is following the case and has called for a zero tolerance approach for perpetrators of violence against children.

“We believe that the justice system needs to take a stronger stance when dealing with perpetrators of violence against children. Granting them bail sends the wrong message. We lost 293 children to murder in the first quarter of this year alone. That is three children per day. Every day four children narrowly escape death due to attempted murder. Every day sixteen children are assaulted with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm,” said Action Society’s Kaylynn Palm.

Bush Radio News previously reported that community members gathered outside the suspects house in June, in protest for this incident.

EFF activist Mbulelo Dwane, intervened in the case, as its reported that police did not take action. The woman was arrested on 6 July. She appeared twice in court and her bail application was denied on July 14. She then appeared on 20 September, where the case has again been postponed to 25 October 2023.

National Prosecuting Authority spokesperson in the Western Cape, Eric Ntabazalila said the suspect was facing a charge of attempted murder.

“She was released on bail after she appealed at the high court. Her case has been postponed until October 25 for a regional court date.”


Done by: Mitchum George


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