Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Telecom called to lower mobile rates in South Africa

Oscar Thomas
04 June 2014

Right2Know has called on telecoms to do more to lower prices in the mobile rates. 

This as a recent report by the Global Information Technology Report showed that South Africa is ranked number 128th out of 148 countries when it comes to prepaid mobile cellular tariffs. 

Right2Know Telecommunications Spokesperson John Haffner said prices must come down and stay down permanently if South Africa is expected to improve in global telecommunications cost rankings. 

Haffner said the recent report demonstrated that the mobile rates in South Africa has been high for quite some time and has been extremely high compared to rest of the world not just Africa but the rest of the world.

"It demonstrates the need for some very strong action on behalf of the Telecommunications industry but also government and civil society to pressure the Telecommunications industry to lower those rates to something that is far more affordable to the average South African Haffner added.



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