15-year-old boy shot and killed in Bonteheuwel

A 15-year-old boy was shot and killed in Bonteheuwel on Saturday.

Police spokesperson Colonel Andre Traut said the shooter is unknown at this stage, and that the circumstances of the murder are being probed.

‘’Last night (Saturday) at around 19:30 a 15 year old male person was shot and killed in Bramble Road Bonteheuwel by an unknown suspect who is yet to be arrested. We have reason to believe the incident is motivated by gang activity in the area. The circumstances of the murder are being investigated.’’

Bonteheuwel ward councillor Angus McKenzie says the shooting was an alleged gang-related incident that started with stone-throwing.

‘’This evening, again rival youth gangs either acting on instruction of the gang leaders or attempting to impress the leaders engaged in stone throwing.’’

McKenzie says law enforcement agencies were immediately deployed to the area and had to come between rival gangs throwing stones and shooting live ammunition.

The ward councillor alleges that the 16-year-old was involved in the stone-throwing and was shot in the head by a rival gangster.

‘’He was immediately transported to hospital and later succumbed to his injuries.’’

According to the ward councillor, stone throwing in the B-Block of Bonteheuwel has become a weekly occurrence.

‘’It is indeed sad that since the stone throwing started a few weeks ago various calls for information and identification of the stone throwers seemingly fell on deaf ears and continues to be the case. Parents are well aware of their children's action in this specific road and have failed to take any tangible steps to assist in preventing it.’’

‘’The protecting of these young people's actions has evidently led to the death of this 16 year old. While extremely sad that a young life had been lost, the reality however is that if you live by the sword it is that very sword you will die by,’’ added McKenzie


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