Saturday, July 03, 2021

Cape motorists to watch out for rubble on roads

The City of Cape Town has warned motorists to be extra vigilant while travelling on major highways at night.

Metro Police officers have been removing loads of rubble from Cape Town’s N2 on a daily basis.

‘’It has become a near nightly occurrence for Metro Police officers to remove rubble from the N2 in addition to their regular patrols. While opportunistic criminals lie in wait for motorists to stop, slow down or have their vehicles disabled, it also has other consequences. Inclement weather, such as thick mist or heavy rain, also lead to more collisions as visibility is reduced and the debris has less chance of being spotted,’ said the City’s Mayco Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith.

Smith said that most of the incidents occur between midnight and 04:00 when there is less traffic on the road.

“The success of the ambush is based on motorists not being able to see the obstruction and therefore day time incidents are rare. Despite this, motorists need to be vigilant at all times and not count on daylight as a preventative measure.”

While there are no exact locations for where rubble is placed, the hotspot areas are between Borchards Quarry as far as the Symphony Way bridge and predominately inbound between the R300 and the Airport approach off ramp.

‘’Most of the rubble includes bricks and blocks of concrete, which perpetrators place in the middle of the road to disable vehicles or get motorists to stop, making them vulnerable,’’ said Smith.

Smith added that motorists should not be fooled into thinking that it’s a stone that may have fallen off a truck or it’s there by accident.

Smith also warns motorists that if they are required to travel that time of the night, they should take a safer alternate route to their destination.


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