Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Khayelitsha woman arrested after body of baby found burried beside her shack

A Khayelitsha woman has been arrested after the body of her infant was found buried in a shallow grave next to her shack.

Police spokesperson FC Van Wyk said police had been in the are when they heard about 22-year-old boy who allegedly stabbed his mother. Upon their arrival they found the body of a 48-year-old woman declare dead on the scene.

Residents said police were led to their next discovery by the smell resulting in the discovery of an infant in a hole wrapped with plastic bags and blankets. The child’s body was discovered next to a shack

According to a witness the woman had been previodsly seen digging a hole, which neighbours assumed she was trying to prevent water from coming into her house.

Police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi confirmed the arrests and said the 29 year old mother is expected in court today, meanwhile 22 year old has been detained for tabbing his mother to death.

by Evermgelista Muza


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