Thursday, December 09, 2010

Shrien Dewani caught on CCTV footage

Lusanda Bill
9 December 2010

New information has come to light in the Anni Dewani murder case.

British news has reported that Shrien Dewani was captured on CCTV footage paying the couple’s minibus shuttle driver, Zola Tongo. The footage shows Dewani and Tonga meeting outside an upmarket Cape Town restaurant.

Zola Tonga earlier this week named Dewani as the person who paid him 15-thousand-Rands to make Anni Dewani’s murder look like a hijacking.

Shrien Dewani is currently in custody and he is expected to appear in court today.


At Thursday, 09 December, 2010, Blogger David Robert said...

There is still no motive for the murder and until there is, Dewani is innocent until proven guilty.

This snippet appears to be some kind of propaganda released by the authorities in their attempt to try Dewani in public without actually examining the evidence.


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