5 days of rain in Cape Town

Cape Town people have been geared to visit the beach it appears that winter is as yet anxious to show its face. South western parts of Cape Town will be experiencing wet, cold and windy weekend. Senior Forecaster for the Cape Town Weather Office, Henning Grobler confirmed. Rainy conditions are expected to hit Cape Town Friday morning until Tuesday. According to Grobler, the western mountainous and high lying areas will receive the most rainfall (30-40mm) and the low lying areas around 15-25mm. Saturday morning, there will be a break in the rain until Sunday morning. Sunday morning prefrontal rain is expected in Cape Town and a cold front Sunday afternoon. Grobler also mentioned that, cold air in circulation maximum temperatures may drop to 15-18 degrees by Monday and Tuesday and will start to recover by Wednesday." Cape Town People are already experiencing the cold weather and are circulating it on Social Media.

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Blog done by:Fikile Kalimashe