Imtieyaaz Wagiet’s last soccer match.

Imtieyaaz Wagiet’s last soccer match.

On Saturday 5 October, Imtieyaaz Wagiet, who is the captain of Bayview FC’s Under 17 team, collapsed during a match against Strandfontein AFC. The match took place on the Westridge Soccer Field in Mitchells Plain and tragedy struck as this was his last soccer match. The 16 year olds mother who was supporting him witnessed everything, from him falling on the field to seeing foam coming out of his mouth.

She explains to the Daily Voice how a parent assisted her to transport Imtieyaaz to the Westridge Fire Station where the firefighters tried to resuscitate him, but it was too late. They are unsure if he died on the field or at the fire station and suspect he might have been in a coma. The family is anxious waiting for results of the post-mortem to determine the cause of his death.

The Vice-Chairperson of the Local Football Association mentioned to the Daily Voice that they tried everything in their power to save Imtieyaaz’s life. The Vice-Chairperson, a nurse and the coach of Strandfontein all performed CPR on him. When there was no response from Imtieyaaz, they rushed him to the fire station. The Fire and Rescure Station in Westridge was only 2 minutes and supposedly the facility for emergency services for the matches in Westridge. Which raises a big question on why there are no paramedics available or working at any match not just soccer.

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