World Mental Health Day: 17 million in SA suffer, 75% go untreated

The World Health Organisation has reported that one in three South Africans will suffer a mental health episode in their lives. Of these, 75% will go untreated.

They mentioned anxiety, depression, mood disorders, post-traumatic stress, substance abuse and bipolar disorder were the most common mental health issues encountered. The Mental Health Federation of SA reported that 17million people in the country are facing anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse and schizophrenia illnesses that add to the top five mental health diagnoses. The SA Society of Psychiatrists, Doctor Kobus Roux said worldwide developments displayed there had been a spike in the incidence of depression.

The central nervous system portfolio manager at Pharma Dynamics, Abdurahman Kenny said the rising incidence of anxiety and depression globally implied that there were other factors, too, that made modern-day society more vulnerable to mental illness.

By: Ellouise Muller


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