City Of Cape Town Limits Fireworks to the Athlone Stadium Parking Lot for Diwali

The City of Cape Town has availed the parking lot of the Athlone Stadium for Hindu residents who wish to discharge fireworks this Diwali.

The city said the site would be available next week Sunday. The decision was taken after Hindu residents expressed disappointment with the municipality's move last week to forego designated sites for fireworks during Diwali, Guy Fawkes and New Year's Eve. While many residents have praised the city's move to further restrict fireworks, others have been disappointed.

Especially Hindu residents, who said discharging fireworks was part of their culture while celebrating the five-day festival of lights, known as Diwali.

Mayco member JP Smith said to respect the Hindu cultural tradition, a site would be made available. Smith said groups were still able to apply for a firework permit, however, it would be too late for those celebrating Diwali next week.

By: Ellouise Muller