Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The taxi rank, a woman’s nightmare


Twitter recently blew up with a viral video of two woman being chased after by men at un-identified taxi rank, forcefully stripping and assaulting them.

Discussions erupted on what prompts these kind of assault with some users pointing out that the girl being followed was wearing the bare minimal. While her friend on the other hand was wearing a dress, yet one man saw it fit to lift up her dress as shown in the video posted by @_This_Is_Bee, when she pulled her friend away from the group of men. In the 30 seconds video in the background voices of woman shouting at the man to leave the girls alone could be heard. One user @Unclebecs reprimanded people pointing out their attire by saying ”Y'all are always blaming women for wearing whatever clothing they want butiIgnore the gents that warass women like this. User @tlouu also stated that the fact that they are following them and making sexual moves on them is rape culture at its best, with the audacity to pull up the other girls dress.

One can only imagine the trauma these girl went through with many failing to see that women should not be dictated to as to what they should wear. Offenders must be reported as this is against the law, there’s campaigns that should help in getting heard. Many people pointed out on how one girl was dressing in a provoking manner yet this statement show how some people thinks woman are objects that dress to appease them. Often times it’s the woman and children being abused by their driver’s. A taxi rank is business place drivers shouldn’t prompt this kind of abuse, commuters should be at ease when they come to or from home.

By Everngelista Muza


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