Due to the shooting on Monday the police had a breakthrough of seven poeple, and including a wheelchair-bound woman, at Cape Town station deck taxi rack. A second suspect aged 39 has been arrested with a firearm seized. Another suspect was arrested aged 31-year-old just after the shooting had happened.

Police spokesperson sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said that the 39-year-old would appear in court once charged.  Just few hours after the Cape Town shooting, there was about five people who were killed and three other people who were injured by unidentified assailants in Nyanga.

Police spokesperson Novela Potelwa said: That the reports from Nyanga shooting said that on the scene reveal that seven people were sitting in the taxi at Nyanga Terminus, and a gunman approached and just shot at roughly around 9:30pm. Round about four men ages between 30 and 36 had passed away on the scene. 


Done by Amber Collins