Victory as Kataza returns to troop

 The ongoing battle between Kataza and the City of Cape Town has been settled. Kataza won after many of his supporters put up great fight helping him return to his troop. After many weeks of silent protests, petitions, social media posts and threats to sue in support of Kataza, the city finally surrendered.

Kataza was forcefully removed from his troop by the city and the residents of Cape Town fought for his return to his troop. 

The return of Kataza will be done according to the approved guidelines provided by the baboon management. It will take place as soon as possible. For the sake of public safety, no public citizens will be allowed in the area when his return is taking place. 

The director of the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, Francesca de Gasparis, said that they are thrilled to hear that the city has decided to return Kataza back to his troop. However, they are unsure if the decision was linked to the courtcase that was taken out against the city. 

Diana De Agrela, creator of Take Kataza Back Home petition, has gathered more than 30 000 supporters. Diana said that this is to ensure that was has been done to Kataza will never happen again. 

By Danielle Mentoor


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