Mboweni asks his almost 1 million followers if we need national airline

Sunday evening Finance Minister Tito Mboweni tweeted: Ok.Do we need a national airline, Maybe that’s the question? Is it?


This notion went and brought about their anger seeing as this was posted a short while after SAA was granted 10,5 billion additional funding for business rescue. Some people agreed with this by stating we need a national airline, a restructured SAA. RSA is a nation state with an air force which means we need to integrate saturation of domestic civilian expertise into our defense strategy, Our SoEs fumbled by thinking the things they were built to subsidize should be profitable.


Many people were not so supportive to this question with some tweeters bashing or reprimanding Mboweni for seeming incompetent. One twitter user said, South Africa should instead allow domestic startups to encourage investment and competition in its aviation industry. Free up the SA air space and cut down the beaurocracy in the industry. No we don’t. We need to kick start the economy, lift our ratings from junk status and focus on letting business people run businesses. Political interference must be kept as far away as possible. If you don’t even the UIF and pension funds will not be enough. People will starve from your losses yet you will blame the white people and apartheid for your catastrophic failures unfortunately that’s the ANC way.


The country although it might need bational airline is not in the best capacity to take that burden. The economy needs to be worked on until we are viliable enough.


By Everngelista Muza


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