PRASA employee arrested for providing info on cash & stolen copper cables to criminals

A joint operation between the South African Police Services, Transnet and Western Cape Metrorail Protection Services, arrested six suspects on Tuesday for being in possession of stolen railway cables.

Twenty-four officials and eight vehicles were deployed in four teams to conduct foot patrols and scrap yard inspections. 

‘’Fifteen individuals and 14 vehicles were searched resulting in the arrest of six suspects. One vehicle and 31kg cabling positively identified as rail catenary cable (estimated value R190 000.00) were confiscated. The arrests were made in terms of the Criminal Matters Amendment Act on charges of damage to essential infrastructure and being in possession of stolen property,’’ says Riana Scott, MetroRail Western Cape.

Acting Regional Manager Raymond Maseko said the collaboration between rail operators and law enforcement agencies is invaluable: ‘’We have had exceptional support from provincial and Railway Police with excellent results’.

‘’Our stakeholders and communities are equally valuable resources in the fight against metal theft; they provide intelligence and information which are taken into account when planning crime combatting operations,’’ Maseko added.

In a separate incident, on Monday, a number of suspects were found in possession of copper cabling and a significant amount of cash, amongst those a Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) employee.

‘’The cash was allegedly to bribe Prasa employees. An employee was arrested shortly afterwards as a result of the information provided. All the cable was recovered. All suspects are being detained at Woodstock SAPS.’’

Maseko commended the Regional Security Manager and his teams, saying their commitment to stop the scourge of vandalism was highly appreciated: “Our collective focus is to restore and improve the train service against all odds. Sadly those odds include our own employees.’’

The Acting Regional Manager encouraged employees and the public to continue reporting such crimes.


Done By: Mitchum George