Thursday, January 07, 2016

COPE stopping ANC government to lobby political support for itself

Nontando Mafanya
07 January 2016

Cope has been reliable informed by its members and members of the community that the ANC is widely rejected in the different villages in the Rastenburg Area.

 ANC activities and meetings there have been cancelled. There is strong resistance from The Community regarding the ruling party.

The continuous in fighting between the ruling party and the presidency is clearly the reason for the Zuma non-show at Marikana. This in fighting is about power influence. The centre is obviously not holding.

COPE Spokesperson Dennis Bloem says… “We are saying that President Zuma was expected to hand over houses to the residents of Marikana but he did not peach up.”

He also says… “People are waiting in veil for him to come. The ANC did not let on and to use event to lobby the upcoming local government election.”

“This was the government project not the ANC. The ANC wants to use it as if is ANC who have built it.” He concluded



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